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I spin and collect reggae, soul and funk in New York. Every week I will use this blog to big up some reggae tunes.
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April 9, 2011

3/11 Radio Appearance

Guest radio appearance from the DKR crew features a wide range of music, including digi, some early Channel 1 roots, a small showcase of the new DKR Ch1 releases and of course roots reggae mixed in. Large up to the man Mu$h 1.

DigikillerRadioMarch2011 by DJ Wicz

Digital Dollars Part 2: Deep Pockets

148773_1612060295945_1069407331_31673854_279828_n Digital Dollars Part 2: Deep Pockets by DJ Wicz

1. Troy Lobban - Let Loose (Skyline 7")
2. Mac Warner - Do Officer (Hi-Jack 7")
3. Ashanti Waugh - Feelings (Fantastique 7")
4. Patrick Andy - Self Control (dubplate)
5. Johnny Clarke - Be a Better Nation (Mixing Lab LP)
6. Boom Box - Gunshot (Tesfa 7")
7. Ossie D & Stevie G - Just Be Nice (Tiro 7")
8. Dogwood - Them Can't Blow Breath (Rising Star 7")
9. Aisha - War on Crack (Strickly Roots 7")
10. Donovan - Own Soldier (Mango LP)
11. Frankie Jones - Mr. Bad Boy (Trojan LP)
12. George Henry - Jamaica Nice (Ho-Ma-Ka 12")
13. Quench Aid - I Wish I Had a Mom (Super Blast 7")
14. Horace Andy - Days Ain't Brite (Atomic Bum 7")
15. Patrick Andy - Can't Take the Vibes (Thunderbolt LP)
16. Milton Curtis - No Evil (Spanna 7")
17. Rod Taylor - Don't Play With Me (Plexi LP)
18. Krystal - You Mean the World To Me (Super Power LP)
19. Conroy Smith - Ram Dance Master (Top Ranking 12")
20. Shortie Ranks - Dance Inna Skateland (Kangol 12")
21. Dutchman - Bally (Romantic 7")
22. Frederick Lewis - Natty Dancehall (Jack Rabbit 7")
23. Mackie - Thing For Love (Crat 12")
24. Johnny Lee - There You Go (Fat Bwoy 7")
25. Vichous Irie - Late Night Attack (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7")
26. Yoruba - Jollification (Stage 7")
27. Montgomery - Sensimillia (Life Time 12")
28. Sammy Dread - Addicted To My Love (Vibrations 12")
29. Richie Roots - Hi Hello (Bee Cat 12")
30. C. Lestin - Mob Him Kill Him (Humble Lion 12")
31. Sugar Ray - Jamaica Nice (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7")
32. Super Majah - Lazy Man (Fat Man 7")
33. Hard Rock - Them a Hustler (Hard Rock 7")
34. Anthony Brown - Black & White History (Reggae's Master Blaster 12")
35. Jimmy Riley - Come Back Baby (Live & Love LP)
36. Nuthead - Bumbing Ball (Wild Apache 7")
37. Wayne Smith - Strange How the World Is Going (dubplate)
38. Stanford Shirley - The System (Ujama 7")
39. Flourgon - Come Mek We Go Dweet (Kickers 12")
40. Robocop - Slave Driver (EVA 7")
41. Bionic - Youths in the Ghetto (Don Juan 7")
42. Michael Prophet - Liberty (Jam Rock LP)
43. Frankie Paul - I Want Her (Abraham 12")
44. Clarence Parks - Militant Youth (Papa Roots 12")
45. Mikey Carroll - Militant (Creative Sounds LP)
46. Flick Wilson - Two Youths Have a Quarrell (Kulumi 7")

May 19, 2009

Digital Dollars Mix



Presenting Digital Dollars, 43 tracks of rare late 80's digital cuts selected and mixed from original vinyl by Dj Wicz and Dj Distort right here in Brooklyn. This is a 160 kps rip to enjoy on your computer speakers. If you want a personal CD copy, please email me and I'll quote you a fee to cover shipping and handling. Or order some vinyl from the site and I will send you a CD free with your order. I just updated the vinyl sales section with some new records, check it.

December 12, 2008



Little Kirk has quite the cult following among digi heads, and deservedly so, his output as a young singer was strikingly good. His classic first LP is finally available as a limited edition repress here - Livity Records.

Philip Myers' output was limited to a handful of small-press 45's, of which this is his best. Released out of the tough neighborhood of Seaview Gardens in the Kingston 11 district of Jamaica, the tune sounds very much of its time and place. It's sparse, bass-and-keyboard heavy production and youthman singer's voice epitomize what is best about early digital productions.

May 20, 2008

WNYU Reggae Show 89.1 - Some Rare Digi


Give thanks to Mush 1 at WNYU for putting me on the air recently to play some digital tunes. I got to play nineteen songs total and had fun. The show is archived here, WNYU.ORG, complete with playlist.

Here are a couple of 45's I brought to the show (only the Prophet got played) . . .

December 20, 2007

More 45's Found In Japan . . .


Two big early digital 45's crossed off the wantlist. Both found cheap too, compared to online prices. I guess if you spend dozens of hours in Japanese record shops you're bound to come across a bargain or two (though most of my haul was more in line with going rates). These are personal favorites of mine, take a listen.

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